Welcome to my journal!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for taking interest in my journal! I started it to sell/trade japanese mangas (mainly shoujo) and furoku/zenin goods. I hope you'll find here the items you're looking for! :)

First some facts :

* I live in Belgium but I can ship worldwide. However shipping fees may become expensive (especially for mangas). I'll calculate the s/h fees as soon as you notify me that you're interested by something to give you an estimation of the final cost.

* Prices are in euro (€). Payment through Paypal (fees apply) or bank transfer (free) if you're in Europe.

* Prices are negotiable, so don't hesitate if something interests you!

* All items are in perfect state if not stated otherwise. They're in a closed closet, in a smoker-free room.

* Extra photos are available on demand.

* I'm open to trade them, here's my Wish List, please have a look! ^^

* All sales are final (no refunds)

Thank you very much! ♥

Wish List ♥

Here are the items I'm looking for! If you have them for trade or sale please let me know! :)

  • Saint Dragon Girl (anything!)

  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

  • Charmmy Kitty / Kutsushita Nyanko / Masyumaro

  • Gotouchi Kitty petit towels

  • shitajiki (manga-styled mostly, but anime can be ok if the art looks good)

  • clearfiles (idem)

  • anything cute :) (but no letter set/notepad or stickers please, I already have too much of them!)

Show me what you have to offer ^_-


Vente de goodies manga! Autocollants, cahiers, clearfiles etc!

Bonjour à tous!

Après avoir mis de l'ordre dans ma collection, voici ce dont je me sépare pour faire de la place. Veuillez lire les règles avant de passer commande.

Mon but est de faire de la place donc les prix sont tout à fait négociables (en restant raisonnable!). N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour avoir d'autres photos ou renseignements :)

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Japanese manga sale! Vente de mangas en japonais! :)

Hi everyone!

I'm selling some of my manga collection to make some place before I move out of my apartment.


  • Serious buyers only, all sales are final

  • Mangas are all in original JAPANESE!

  • Mangas will be sent from BELGIUM, Europe. Shipping fees can be costly if you're outside Europe.

  • Prices are in euros (€)

  • Paypal is preferred, but bank transfer inside EU is ok :) Cash is at your own risk, and no checks.

  • Positive feedback here :)

Please note that my main aim is to make room, so don't hesitate to ask for a reduced price! (stay rational please)

Click on the description for a full sized picture :)

15 sonote 20e.jpgSono Te wo Dokero + Oretachi wo Tenchi to yobu na COMPLETE : 20€ for all

complet  - wild da mon v1-3.jpgWild Da Mon COMPLETE : 10€
complet - mewmew a la mode v1-2.jpgMewMew à la mode COMPLETE : 7€
novels dnangel 1-3.jpgDNAngel light novels : 4€ each (leftmost one is sold)

jewlry 5e.jpgJewelry Eyes (oneshot) : 3€
oneshot - celebrity yukocho.jpgCelebrity Yuukouchou (oneshot) : 3€

goshujin 5e.jpgGoshujin-sama to Atashi : 3€

complet - megami kohosei v1-5.jpgMegami Kouhousei vol 1-5 : 30€
otogimoyou v1-4.jpgOtogimoyou Ayanishiki volume 1-4 : 12€
katsu 6e.jpgKatsu! vol 1-2 : 6€

vampir v1.jpgVampir volume 1 : 5€

toraware gokko v1.jpgToraware gokko vol 1 : 3€
skip 3e.jpgSkip Beat! vol 1 : 3€
oirangirl.jpgOiran Girl vol 1 : 3€
hana to akuma v1.jpgHana to Akuma vol 1 : 3€
aaa.JPGAAA vol 1 : 3€

Thanks for reading♥